Post 3: A Bit of an Explanation

“I am not the world’s greatest dad!”

Of course this statement opposes the more popular saying about dads we see on mugs and T-shirts proclaiming fathers everywhere to be “the world’s greatest dad” or “the world’s best dad!”

My statement and the title of this website I can live up to honorably and with integrity.  The other statement about world greatness?  Not so much, I try not to live out lies.

But … and perhaps this is a big but, my recognition of not being the world’s greatest father does not stop me from trying to be the best father I can be.

Not being the world’s greatest dad takes the pressure off of me as I strive to do my best as a father and be awesome in the process.  This title allows for opportunities to get parenting right, otherwise known as mistakes, and allows for learning to take place.

My goal as a father is to be the best dad I can be while maintaining my uniqueness and identity in the process.  I know full well that there will be times when I don’t “father” very well, and I try not to beat myself up in those moments, choosing instead to focus on improving and doing better the next time.

I love being  a dad, and I enjoy the process of trying to figure out how to parent well.  Sometimes I do an excellent job of this and sometimes I don’t, and I am OK with both.


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