Why Do We Garden?

I spent the morning in the garden with Heidi, my wife, before breakfast and work.

It is therapeutic for us.  Quiet.  Dew or last night’s rain still on the plants.  The neighborhood is still asleep.  The birds and the bees are waking up.

I enjoy the rhythm of garden work and appreciate that all of the tasks are different from one another.

This morning we were picking squash bugs and squash bug eggs off of plants, and trying to support two of our tomato plants that seem to be on steroids.

I don’t even mind menial tasks like picking squash bugs, even though I hate squash bugs and think they are of the devil.

So why do we garden?

For the therapy of working with God to try to get plants to grow and produce fruits and vegetables.  We like the dirt, the smells, the fresh air, and the time.

For the food the garden produces.  We try to be as healthy as we can be and growing our own food is a part of that food plan.  In trying to eat local food a home garden is about as close as the food can get.

To teach our sons about growing food and supporting oneself.  Helping in the garden teaches them the value and reward of hard work as well.

Because I don’t like mowing the lawn.  Putting the garden in cut my mowing time down.




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