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Monday: Dad Jokes

Last night I was remembering a joke exchange with young girl at our church when I first started out in ministry 15 years ago.  Her jokes made no sense yet she laughed hysterically every time she delivered the punch line.  We lose this gift some where along the way, but until our kids reach the magical age when they stop laughing at every joke we tell, keep sharing.  My kids are past this age, and so I probably ought to discern the jokes I share with my boys, but I don’t.  Makes life more interesting, and helps me weed out material.  Plus, I think humor is a very important tool in parenting, and enjoy helping my children laugh!

Dad joke for this week:

Q:  Why was Tigger’s head in the toilet?

A:  He was looking for Pooh!


Dad Jokes (Monday’s post a little bit late)

Monday’s segment on this blog will be “Dad Jokes.”  Most of these jokes won’t be funny, because as we all know, most dad jokes aren’t. At least that is the reaction I get from my sons.  “That’s a stupid joke” or “that’s not funny” is often heard when I share a pun or a bit of humor around the dinner table or during the course of the day.

Perhaps I know the jokes won’t be funny when I tell them.  Maybe telling “dad jokes” is just an important part of fatherhood.

Here is today’s joke.  Feel free to share it with your children, no matter their age.

Q: Why did the dog sit in the shade?

A: He didn’t want to be a hot dog!

Sunday Mornings

Every other Sunday except for today will be a day of rest from writing and publishing on this blog.

On Sunday mornings, and every other day of the week, I have been blessed with the responsibility and opportunity to pastor among the good people of Homedale Friends Community Church.  Most Sundays I don’t have the creative energy to put towards writing or posting anything, and I think it is good to rest from normal and routine activities.

I encourage you this morning and every other Sunday, or any other day of the week, to live into the idea of rest and if you feel led to spend in worship with a faith community.  As a follower of Christ I obviously will promote a faith community that is Christ centered, and if you are in the Homedale, Idaho area I have no problem encouraging you to come and worship with us.

Have a great Sunday, our gathering for worship begins at 10:45 AM!

S.P.V. Introduction and GAPS

Today marks the first time posting a Simple Parenting Video (S.P. Video), and I decided to talk about the GAPS Diet my family and I have been doing and will continue to do.  In the video I talk about the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) book, here is the link.

My goal is to post S.P. Videos every Friday.

I decided to film this in my van because that seems to be the thing to do now days.  Seems like everyone is posting a singing or talking video from their car and I don’t want to be left out!  (Either that or I am just mocking them.)

Not Winner Winner

When I got home yesterday one of my sons met me at the door of my mini-van (#dadvan).

As he began sharing with me about our sick chicken he became a little bit emotional. And I was met by more emotion when I got inside.

Having talked with Heidi, my wife, on the phone while I was at work I had already been made aware of the chicken’s worsening condition, and had made the decision to put the chicken out of her misery when I came home. After I got home we talked with the boys about it and we all agreed this was the best course of action.

We have our chickens for the purpose of having fresh eggs, and while we don’t necessarily identify with them as pets all of our hens do have names, and you kind of get used to having them around. We also, as lovers of animals, don’t want our animals to suffer, and that was hard for some of us to see. You might identify with this and see where a little emotion might come in.

Having pets and raising animals is good for kids because among other things they are able to learn responsibility and companionship. Children who are fortunate enough to be around animals also learn about the circle of life. Some lessons are best learned through life experience with lots of hugs and conversations.

So yesterday I had to ring the neck of the leader of our hen house so she wouldn’t suffer anymore. Her name was Goldie. Her full name was Goldie Hawn. (My apologies to the real Goldie Hawn.)

As parents we often will have to do things that are the right thing to do, while at the same time being hard or uncomfortable. This comes from being the adults in the family, and may have something to do with maturity. Putting a chicken down wasn’t that hard for me, but it just reminds of some of the other things we might have to do as parents that are.

R.I.P. Goldie. Thanks for the eggs!

Songs to Play and Sing Really Loud With Your Children

On Wednesday’s we will have a segment called “Songs to Sing Really Loud With Your Children.”

And most Wednesday’s we will even stick with this theme, although there may be occasion when we go with our other Wednesday theme “Songs You Need to Sing to and With Your Children When They Are Young.”

Either way, Wednesday’s posts will be about music.  If you have any songs to contribute please send them my way, with a brief explanation of why you like the song. (

Music provides a good way of connecting with our children, and sometimes it is just good to turn the tunes up loud and rock out and sing together.

Today’s song is an all time favorite of mine, and I’ve played it enough times that a couple other people in my family like it as well.  I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by the Proclaimers is our first song in this segment.  Enjoy!

Slam It Doll

What do you get your youngest son on his 10th birthday?

If you answered “a doll” in your head after reading the question you would be correct.  If you answered anything other than doll you might also be correct, but in this case the answer is a doll!

But, not just any doll mind you.

We were at the Flying M Coffee Garage in downtown Nampa, Idaho a few months ago and as we were browsing the merchandise while waiting for our coffee we caught sight of a doll that we knew would be the perfect gift for our third born.

Passion and intensity run deep in this child, and sometimes these strengths don’t have the best outlet.  On occasion his aggression gets the best of him, and what others might confuse as anger, is in all reality ineffective parenting.  Ineffective because we haven’t yet given him the proper tools to cope with and handle all of his passion, intensity, and energy. (Not that we haven’t tried other useful tools)

That is until now.


We know his new “Slam It Doll” would do the trick.  We call it a “Slam It Doll” because while the doll itself promotes the use of the word “dammit” we do not. Unless of course we happen to be driving by a dam on a river, in which case you would have to agree it is kind of hard not to.  Dam jokes are just too much fun!


I would add that although we don’t promote swearing in our home (and there will be a chapter in my book about swearing) I would pick my third born, out of my 3 sons, to take up swearing and make it an art form.  He makes up words that sound like swear words.

So we call it a “Slam It Doll” and will encourage him to say “Slam It” or “Dang It” or some other form of “dammit” that Christians have been saying for years trying to hide their true thoughts and emotions.

So here is to hoping the “Dammit Doll” helps him channel his energy and aggression, and if not … I will just chalk one up for really funny birthday gift with a catchy poem or parenting fail.

A Decade of Life

One evening during dinner seven or eight years ago one of my sons asked “Hey Dad, what are we going to do together after dinner?”

Evidently I had set a precedent for spending time with my sons in the evening doing something they enjoyed.  I think that evening we ended up in the parking lot of the school across the street from our house riding bikes and scooters.

This practice continues.  I usually try to say yes when one of my sons asks me to do something with them in less already have something else going on, in which case the answer is “later.”  Sometimes later turns into the next day but hey, I’m still trying to get this fathering things figured out.

Last night was no exception and I went for a bike ride around town with my youngest son.  We have been doing this a lot lately, and besides the conversation the highlights include seeing how far we can coast in one section, and a one lap race around the track.  I’m up 2 to 1 in the races in case you are tallying the results!

Son number 3 turns 10 today and he has a fun day planned, if you subtract having to go to the school for registration.  The highlights will be floating the Boise River this afternoon, and spending the day together as a family.

Son number 3 is such a great person, and a fine young man.  He is a creative type loving to build with Legos and wood, and enjoying drawing.  Passion and intensity run deep in my third son and it is fun to see him put these traits to good use.  I enjoy watching him care for animals and other people, and the time we spend reading the Bible and having spiritual conversations.  His sense of humor and joy for life are contagious, I love it when he makes me laugh!

Happy birthday B! Here is to year number 10 being a great one!

Meridian Speedway

I just came home from watching the races at Meridian Speedway in Meridian, Idaho.

There were eight of us all together; my boys and I, my brother and his kids, and my dad.

We had a great time, and I am a new fan of the Legend Cars.

My dad has been going to the races since he was a kid, with his first trip taking place sometime in the mid 1950’s.  He started going with his dad. When I was younger I can remember going to the races with my dad.  Before tonight though it had been a good 20 years since I had visited a track, and tonight was a first for my boys. (Disclaimer: It was my oldest sons first trip to a small track, he has been to a NASCAR race.)

While some of the young drivers we saw tonight will continue to have fun and advance in their racing career, most of the drivers were simply their because the love cars, they love racing, and they have fun doing it.  For most of them, this is as good as racing is going to get for them and they are completely happy with that reality.

Afterwards we walked around the pits and met and talked with the drivers.  The kids got autographed pictures, and sat in a few of the different cars.  But looking beyond the could be your neighbor drivers, the few up and coming stars of tomorrow, and the 4-cyclinder buckets of bolts the youngsters and newbies race, I saw the specialness of the evening.  Three generations going to the races together, continuing a tradition started by my grandfather.

I suppose the activity doesn’t really matter, and that the real tradition or practice here is simply parents and children spending time together.  Spending time doing anything together is go but perhaps we can spice it up every once and awhile and go watch cars turn left around a circle, catch a game, or attend the rodeo which is already on the docket for next week.