Meridian Speedway

I just came home from watching the races at Meridian Speedway in Meridian, Idaho.

There were eight of us all together; my boys and I, my brother and his kids, and my dad.

We had a great time, and I am a new fan of the Legend Cars.

My dad has been going to the races since he was a kid, with his first trip taking place sometime in the mid 1950’s.  He started going with his dad. When I was younger I can remember going to the races with my dad.  Before tonight though it had been a good 20 years since I had visited a track, and tonight was a first for my boys. (Disclaimer: It was my oldest sons first trip to a small track, he has been to a NASCAR race.)

While some of the young drivers we saw tonight will continue to have fun and advance in their racing career, most of the drivers were simply their because the love cars, they love racing, and they have fun doing it.  For most of them, this is as good as racing is going to get for them and they are completely happy with that reality.

Afterwards we walked around the pits and met and talked with the drivers.  The kids got autographed pictures, and sat in a few of the different cars.  But looking beyond the could be your neighbor drivers, the few up and coming stars of tomorrow, and the 4-cyclinder buckets of bolts the youngsters and newbies race, I saw the specialness of the evening.  Three generations going to the races together, continuing a tradition started by my grandfather.

I suppose the activity doesn’t really matter, and that the real tradition or practice here is simply parents and children spending time together.  Spending time doing anything together is go but perhaps we can spice it up every once and awhile and go watch cars turn left around a circle, catch a game, or attend the rodeo which is already on the docket for next week.



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