Slam It Doll

What do you get your youngest son on his 10th birthday?

If you answered “a doll” in your head after reading the question you would be correct.  If you answered anything other than doll you might also be correct, but in this case the answer is a doll!

But, not just any doll mind you.

We were at the Flying M Coffee Garage in downtown Nampa, Idaho a few months ago and as we were browsing the merchandise while waiting for our coffee we caught sight of a doll that we knew would be the perfect gift for our third born.

Passion and intensity run deep in this child, and sometimes these strengths don’t have the best outlet.  On occasion his aggression gets the best of him, and what others might confuse as anger, is in all reality ineffective parenting.  Ineffective because we haven’t yet given him the proper tools to cope with and handle all of his passion, intensity, and energy. (Not that we haven’t tried other useful tools)

That is until now.


We know his new “Slam It Doll” would do the trick.  We call it a “Slam It Doll” because while the doll itself promotes the use of the word “dammit” we do not. Unless of course we happen to be driving by a dam on a river, in which case you would have to agree it is kind of hard not to.  Dam jokes are just too much fun!


I would add that although we don’t promote swearing in our home (and there will be a chapter in my book about swearing) I would pick my third born, out of my 3 sons, to take up swearing and make it an art form.  He makes up words that sound like swear words.

So we call it a “Slam It Doll” and will encourage him to say “Slam It” or “Dang It” or some other form of “dammit” that Christians have been saying for years trying to hide their true thoughts and emotions.

So here is to hoping the “Dammit Doll” helps him channel his energy and aggression, and if not … I will just chalk one up for really funny birthday gift with a catchy poem or parenting fail.


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