Monday: Dad Jokes

Last night I was remembering a joke exchange with young girl at our church when I first started out in ministry 15 years ago.  Her jokes made no sense yet she laughed hysterically every time she delivered the punch line.  We lose this gift some where along the way, but until our kids reach the magical age when they stop laughing at every joke we tell, keep sharing.  My kids are past this age, and so I probably ought to discern the jokes I share with my boys, but I don’t.  Makes life more interesting, and helps me weed out material.  Plus, I think humor is a very important tool in parenting, and enjoy helping my children laugh!

Dad joke for this week:

Q:  Why was Tigger’s head in the toilet?

A:  He was looking for Pooh!


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2 responses to “Monday: Dad Jokes

  • Shelly

    Luke, this reminds me of that camping trip that I went on with your family when I was young. Issues with uncontrollable laughter, and the Winamucca joke….I’d love to visit Homedale friends church with my family one day it was such a special place for my growing up years. Blessings to you and your ministry!


  • lukeankeny

    The Winnemucca joke is one of the best.


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