SPV 1.1 ~ Sing to Your Kids (when they are young)

As I continue to figure out the story I am to tell and how I am to tell it, I am trying to be obedient to what I hear inside me.  I am also trying to discern what mediums are best suited for telling my story.  There is within me a desire to continue to share ideas, and I am glad we live in a day and age where ideas can be shared in a variety of acceptable methods.  If you watch, listen, or read, thanks for being on this journey with me.

In the upcoming weeks I will post videos of the songs  sang to my other two sons when they were younger.  Don’t critique the quality of my message, just know that singing to children is a good thing.  I’m sure there is scientific data to back this up and if one did some research they might be able to find said data.

Be the best parent you can be!


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