We’ve been busy lately and our busyness has hindered all five of us from sitting down and eating dinner together on a regular basis.  But not tonight.  Tonight we were able to sit down and enjoy a meal together, and talk to one another before rushing off to a 7th grade football banquet.

I loved it.

We enjoyed a quality meal prepared by yours truly (except for the hamburger meat that was cooked ahead of time).  Taco salad was on the menu this even and it was good and satisfying.

We enjoyed good conversation as we shared together the positive experiences from our day. I had two positive experiences that I named, although there were more.  I helped someone set up a computer and my dad stopped by when I was home for lunch.  Good times.  My boys and Heidi each shared, and I enjoyed hearing a different perspective on each of their days.

I’m trying to be more positive lately.  Too much negativity in the world.  I watched a Ted Talk about happiness the other day and I am trying to instill some of the things shared into my life.  If this positive approach is good for me, why not share them with my family?

A good practice when we learn new things is to share them with our children.  Maybe they won’t be into what we’ve learned as much as we are, but maybe they will be.  Part of our roll as parents involves teaching and educating our children.  Encouraging them to learn and try new things.  Maybe there won’t be a connection, but maybe just the fact that they see us learning and growing will instill in them a sense of wanting the same for their lives.

That has got to be a win.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

I like eating dinner together with my family, more so than the other two meals we have opportunity to eat together (on occasion).  Eating dinner together helps bring closure to my day, helps us reconnect as a family, and on stay home nights dinner jump starts a relaxing evening at home.  I just need a fire place or wood stove to make my relaxing evenings at home complete.

Eat meals together as a family, high lighting dinner, and get to know each other better.  Getting to eat food is a good reason too.


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