6.22.16 Sleep

Got to sleep in the tent again last night with my oldest son Samuel, the one I’ve mentioned a few times in my posts.  Tonight though I am taking a break, I need to sleep on a real mattress.

Last night I had trouble sleeping because of a few things I had on my mind so I laid there awake listening to the neighborhood and running through my thoughts.

The neighborhood sounds reminded me of some mornings and evenings I spent at a children’s home in Tijuana several years ago.  I would get up early or stay up late and sit on one of the roofs, just watching and listening.  Observing is something I do well.

At one point when I was changing direction in my sleeping bag trying to find an optimum sleeping position I noticed how peaceful Samuel looked sleeping next to me.  So I did what any non-stalkerish parent would do, I watched him sleep for a while, before I tried to find the next best corner of my pillow.

Today, as I have thought about the two minutes or so I watched him sleep last night a few thoughts continue to swirl around my head.

Sleep is a great equalizer.  When we sleep we are all the same.  Class, race, gender, stress, things we struggle with, and more, don’t matter.  We just sleep, without a care in the world and anything to worry about.

As I looked at Samuel last night I just kept thinking about how peaceful he looked.  I was glad for that.

The kid has enough to deal with when he is awake, I’m glad he can rest well.

I’m thankful for others who can rest well too, including me.  Last night was a bit of an enigma usually I don’t have trouble sleeping.  Usually the head hits the pillow and I’m gone to dream land.  Even though, I rarely remember any of my dreams.

I really do hope that everyone can enjoy the great equalizer of sleep.

This train of thought I’m on reminds me that we aren’t all that different from one another, asleep or awake.  We are children of God … made in God’s likeness, knit together in our mother’s wombs.

Uniquely and wonderfully made, just the way we were supposed to be.  Just the way God wanted.  I won’t get into how the world tries to destroy our uniqueness, that’s a topic for a different day.  Just know and own the truth that each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made.

And that when we sleep we are the same, we are all asleep.

This is a good time to remind everyone an important lesson I remind my boys, there are two times you never mess with someone; when they are sleeping and when they are eating.  If you wouldn’t want someone to prank you when you are sleeping or eating, then don’t do it when someone else is.


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