I’m sitting here listening to the whey drain out of the yogurt Heidi has been making today.  I keep thinking that the sink is running and we are wasting water.  But no, it’s just whey.

There are actually plenty of jokes that go around our house regarding whey, and they all have the same punch line.

“No whey!”

Did you put any whey in this?

“No whey!”

You get the idea.

I like the stuff Donald Miller puts out.  If you don’t read the articles written by him or the authors on Storyline Blog, you really should.  They do a really good job.

The other day I read this article and was struck by the phrase “At least we’re together” that the friend said to the author when the meal and evening didn’t go as planned.

“At least we’re together.”

I’ve been thinking about this phrase, and the conviction and attitude behind them and I think it is really important for us to remember.

I was thinking about this tonight when we were playing games as a family.

Being together is what is important.  Doesn’t matter where.  Doesn’t matter what is going on.  Doesn’t matter how much stuff you have.

Just being together is important.

We need to remember this as families.  Our busy culture tries to pull us apart.  Well actually there are all kinds of things that try to pull us apart as families.

We need to stay together. We need to spend time together.  This is what families are supposed to do, and I don’t care if you are working or playing, together is important.

In good times and bad.

I can think back to days or stretches when things weren’t going so well for whatever reason, and although I didn’t think or say this phrase then, I can assure you it was known and felt in my heart.

At least we’re together.

Yes indeed, this is a phrase we all need to remember.




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