The family left on a trip today to visit my in-laws in Oregon.

One evening without them being here and I am already feeling lonely.

I’ve reflected on this a bit this evening while I’ve spent some time working on my book (yes, I’m still working on my book … it is more finished than I thought too).

Actually, working on my book is my main project while they are gone.  I was going to do some painting and trim work in our guest house/office, but I think I will hold off on carpentry work to maybe/possibly get the book close to a place of getting edited and published.

Back to my reflections.

For an introverted extrovert or an extroverted introvert (depending on the day) I don’t like being completely by myself all of the time.  During the day I spend a good amount of time by myself and so when I come home I am used to people being here.

Growing up as a kid there were always people in the house.

In college there was always people around in the dorms, houses, and apartments I lived in.

I got married when I was 21, and our first son was born when I was 23.

There have always been people around and although I like my quiet, I like my people too!

The week will be good though.  They will have a great time at Grandma and Grandpa’s, and I will get a great deal done.

Sometimes we might need breaks from each other, like this, to really appreciate the time we do get to spend together.



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