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10.11.16 ~ Boys of Fall

As far as sports go football is not my favorite, but my middle son plays, I announce high school games, and I enjoy watching college and professional games on the television.

Tonight my son’s 8th grade team played in the conference championship game.  They played hard, but came up a couple of touchdowns behind in the end.

Here is what impressed me from my son after tonight’s game, and throughout the whole season.

  1. He’s a good teammate, always looking out for the guys on his team, and is just as excited for their success as he is his own.
  2. He keeps things in perspective.  He understands that getting 2nd place is quite an accomplishment, and that there is a whole lot of life that is bigger than sports.  He also understand that as an 8th grader there is a lot more games to be played.
  3. He likes the fun part of playing the game, and part of that for him is being with his friends.  I’ve seen this in other sports as well, and am more than okay with this.
  4. He works hard.  I’ve noticed this in games and practices.  Always hustling. He gets the important part about always doing your best, glorifying God in the process, and trying to become his best self.
  5. As a dad, when I watch him, I think to myself “hey, he has been listening, and he is getting it.”

The other observation I made tonight was about a student-athlete from the other team.  After the game, and after the obligatory hand shake line, and post-game team meetings, this young man went over again and congratulated all of our players and coaches and then invited them to a post-game prayer time in the middle of the field.  All the players from both teams went and knelt down in the middle of the field while this young man lead them in a time of prayer.

Major props to this young man for living his faith out in a real and tangible way among his teammates and opponents.  It appears to me that he understands what it means to love God, love yourself, and love others … even if some might think those others are the enemy.  A shout out to his parents for doing a good job of being parents.  Parma Middle School and the community of Parma should be proud of this young man.