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11.28.16 ~ Podcast on Gratitude, Holiday Season, and Christmas

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11.19.16 ~ Time

Had a fun day yesterday and was reminded and encouraged of the need to spend quality time with our children.

After sleeping in a little bit I went and helped out at the Junior Varsity girl’s practice before heading to my practice for the 7th grade girls team I am coaching.  My middle son, who is in 8th grade and loves basketball, came with me.  Taking my children to practice, or allowing them the opportunity to be there started five years ago when I started coaching.  This isn’t unique to coaching, as I have always felt like my children should be welcome to come with me where ever I am going.

My own father was a coach, and so I grew up attending practices, on the sidelines, and sitting in the bleachers behind the bench during games.  This is how I learned a lot about sports, and I wanted the same for my sons.  Plus, especially when I’ve worked with high school athletes, I feel like it is good for my sons and the older student-athletes to be around each other.  I may not spend a lot of time with my sons when they come with me to practice, but they get to observe, they have to listen to me while they are in there, I pay attention to them when they are shooting on a side basket.  Them being there helps them learn the game.

After my practice was over I helped my youngest son with a money raising project he wanted to do.  He had something in mind he wanted to purchase and figured he could rake leaves for people to make some extra money.  He put a poster together, I hung them around town for him and put out a plug on Facebook, and yesterday afternoon we spend time together raking leaves.  We have another job to do this afternoon.

Raking and bagging up leaves is not the most exciting way to spend an afternoon together, but at least we were spending the afternoon together, and while he made some money it only cost me the price of a new rake, and a bag of lawn and leaf bags.  Thanks for carrying both of those Tolmie’s Ace Hardware.

Last year I was gifted tickets for this years men’s basketball season at The College of Idaho, and while we won’t be able to go to all of the games we have decided we will rotate through the games as time allows.  Last night, I took my middle son to the game and we had a great time.

I didn’t get to do anything special with my oldest son yesterday aside from eating lunch together and normal interaction, but tomorrow we will have opportunity to watch the NASCAR race together, and am always on the look out for opportunities to spend time with him as well.  One of the things I continue to realize is that each of my sons is unique and different from the others and so while there are some things we all like the same and can do together that each of them also have their own interests.  My responsibility is to know what those interests are and to try and spend time with them doing those things.  I don’t always shine at this, but I am growing in my awareness and understanding and try to do a better job.

Think about how you spend time with and interact with your children, are you doing all you can to connect with them in meaningful and positive ways?  If yes, great job!  If not, what more can you do?


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