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4.3.2017 ~ I’m Writing Again

I’m writing again.  I haven’t ever really stopped, I just don’t post a lot on here, and I go long periods without ever typing anything into the computer.  A lot of my writing is strictly done in my head.  Doesn’t pay the bills, but provides an interesting narrative and ongoing dialogue through out the day.

Lately, I’ve been working on the book I started over 10 years ago. I haven’t really looked at what I had typed or felt led to finish the book the last five years, but am closer to getting this book done.  Just need to shore up my confidence, finish a couple of chapters, finish editing, raise/earn some money, and self-publish this thing.  I honestly had forgotten how much of the book I had completed until a week ago when I printed off every document under the “NTWGD” file folder.  I’ve enjoyed reading the thoughts that poured out of me many years ago, and am hopeful others will enjoy reading my thoughts as well.  Here’s to hoping and trusting I remain diligent in my pursuit!

In the mean time, my new goal is to post pertinent thoughts on here once or twice a week, and to use Facebook and Twitter to encourage parents and their off spring.

I had a revelation of sorts yesterday as I was considering why something was bothering me so much.  In the process of praying through and discerning why I was feeling what I was feeling I realized that it was because I value family time so much and don’t like it when other things or people threaten my time with my family.

A couple of days ago I wrote about the trip I took this past Saturday to Boise with my boys, while Heidi was out of town.  At the training Heidi was at she was sharing about how our boys talk to us and like spending time with us, and many of the other people seemed shocked that teenage and one preteen-age son would still like to hang out with their parents.  They called it good parenting, and Heidi told them what I often remind people is that we really don’t have any idea what we are doing.  We just like spending time with our sons, (spending time with them is one of the reasons we had them), and are thankful they enjoy spending time with us as well.

There are things in the world in which we live wanting to distract us from spending quality time with our families, and I’m here to encourage you to not let those things distract you.  Set family time as a priority, set standards you won’t sway from, and keep spending time together as a family.  I’m convinced the more we do this the better off our children will be, our families will be, our communities will be, our nations will be, and our world will be.  Let’s all do our part by spending time together as families.


4.1.2017 ~ A Day With the Boys

I’m thankful that my boys still like spending time with me.  The sentence I just wrote does not do justice to the gratefulness I feel inside me right now as I consider how blessed I am to be the father of my three sons.

Today was the last Saturday of Spring Break and since we hadn’t done anything all week, I knew we needed to get out of the house and do something fun.  We didn’t do anything spectacular, but we had a good time together.

We were simply okay with just being.

Shoe shopping. Check.

Chipotle. Lunch was good.

MK Nature Center. Awesome time.

Old Idaho State Penitentiary. Creepy and a good life lesson for my boys to never break the law.

Ann Morrison Park. Frisbee. Whiffle Ball. Fantastic.

In all these things, the most important part was simply being together.

I am convinced that as families we need more time set aside for days like this.  Simple. Together. Just being with each other.

It is what my soul needed today.

I’m reminded of the reality in our world that there are so many things  after our time and attention.  We are pulled in so many directions.  This isn’t a good trend, and in my most humble opinion our families are suffering because of this reality.

I think some re-evaluation as a society needs to happen.  I know, lofty goals.  I’m starting with my family though and my circle of influence.

There are things getting in the way of family time I am not sharing about because I am still formulating my thoughts.  Another post perhaps.  For now, think through your schedule and consider what needs to change in order for more frequent family time to occur.

I’m grateful for today, and that my boys like spending time with me.