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Riding in Cars With Kids

Here’s one for you.

A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine who also happens to be a driver’s education instructor.  As we engaged in an informative conversation I learned that technology in automobiles … screens, phones, gaming devices, etc … are a detriment to young people learning how to drive.

No sense of direction.

Don’t know how to get anywhere.

Don’t understand the basic rules of the road.

She instructs her students to put their phones away when they are riding with their parents (during Driver’s Education), just so they will observe and gain a little bit more knowledge and information about driving.

This is sad to me, on many levels.

Car time can be a good place for family bonding, car time doesn’t have to be screen time.

(I wonder if ingrained screen/technology time in a vehicle while a younger riding passenger, makes one more apt to want to check their phone/device while driving?)

We are allowing children and youth to miss out on an opportunity to learn and grow as individuals.  How to navigate to a certain place.  Get the atlas out (yes put the GPS away) and let the kids in the car navigate.  Who lives where.  What the scenery looks like.  How an automobile works. All kinds of things to learn.

What is wrong with staring out the window or playing games on long road trips? (Nothing is the answer.  Nothing is wrong with either of these, and I believe children and young people develop better because of the ability to sit still and stare out a window, or play the license plate game.)

Communication and relationships.  Both can happen in a car.  Both are very important.

I want to encourage you as parents to figure out how to teach your children, and interact with your children while you are in the car with them.  Don’t allow them to stare at screens as you motor down the road to destinations known and possibly unknown.

Parent up.