Monthly Archives: June 2018

Stepping Up

Several times I’ve shared a sentiment that I worry about societies who don’t pay attention to their elderly and young people.  At times I feel like those are two overlooked age groups in the United States, and while I’m not up to speed on the happenings in other countries I wonder if this trend might be the same in places that are foreign to me but not to the people who live there.

Last week I went to a dinner at a restaurant operated as a place for seniors, disabled, and veterans to get a decent meal for a donation, including operating Meals-On-Wheels out of the restaurant kitchen, and  everyone else to pay full price.  I don’t mind paying full price, knowing the place is not for profit, and the income goes towards helping others eat.  It is good to know there are other people willing to do the same.  Check out “The Sandbar Restaurant with a Cause” in Marsing, Idaho to get a good meal and to help a good cause.

When adults get to involved in their own “stuff” I worry about the children and youth in their direct influence.  I worry because I’ve seen what happens to the young people.  I guess on the bright side those young people tend to seek out people to give them attention.  Sometimes those people are adults, and other times they are their peers.

My encouragement is for all of us adults who have some type of influence in the lives of young people because we are parents, or because we have opportunities through calling, work, and life to interact with young people, is to continue to step up and pay attention to what is going on in their lives.  Build relationships.  Let them know you are their for them, and then show it.  Even correct their grammar if necessary and teach them when to correctly use there instead of their.  We can’t always rely on English teachers.

Our young people need us.  They need guidance.  They need wisdom.  They need boundaries.  They need good examples.  They need adults in their life who care about them.  They need to be loved.  They need adults to be adults.  They need role models they can spend time with and learn from.  They need us to be honest.  They need us to be ourselves.  They need us to be healthy.

Our young people need us.

Are you willing to be present in the lives of the young people in your direct sphere of influence?718070ec-bd3c-47a7-9fe3-cd0ef9e976cf