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A Decade of Life

One evening during dinner seven or eight years ago one of my sons asked “Hey Dad, what are we going to do together after dinner?”

Evidently I had set a precedent for spending time with my sons in the evening doing something they enjoyed.  I think that evening we ended up in the parking lot of the school across the street from our house riding bikes and scooters.

This practice continues.  I usually try to say yes when one of my sons asks me to do something with them in less already have something else going on, in which case the answer is “later.”  Sometimes later turns into the next day but hey, I’m still trying to get this fathering things figured out.

Last night was no exception and I went for a bike ride around town with my youngest son.  We have been doing this a lot lately, and besides the conversation the highlights include seeing how far we can coast in one section, and a one lap race around the track.  I’m up 2 to 1 in the races in case you are tallying the results!

Son number 3 turns 10 today and he has a fun day planned, if you subtract having to go to the school for registration.  The highlights will be floating the Boise River this afternoon, and spending the day together as a family.

Son number 3 is such a great person, and a fine young man.  He is a creative type loving to build with Legos and wood, and enjoying drawing.  Passion and intensity run deep in my third son and it is fun to see him put these traits to good use.  I enjoy watching him care for animals and other people, and the time we spend reading the Bible and having spiritual conversations.  His sense of humor and joy for life are contagious, I love it when he makes me laugh!

Happy birthday B! Here is to year number 10 being a great one!